In this course, students read, analyze and navigate through different genres and period pieces of literature with the intention of elevating their reading, writing and oral skills. In each module, the student will experience a variety of important classics, including novels and poems, maintaining a high level of critical, creative and processing skills.


  • The Short Story

    In this introductory module, students explore techniques of narration such as plot, setting and characterization as these are used in short stories. They will read and analyze a variety of short stories from Canadian and international authors, and will discover some short stories. They will learn to analyze literature using specific literary lenses, helping them to gain insight into the work.

  • “All the World’s a Stage”: Theatre

    In this module, students read, analyze and interpret two plays from contrasting historical periods (one from the Elizabethan era and one from the 20th century) with the expectation of comparing and contrasting both styles of literature. Students develop an understanding of how plays are inspired by the playwright’s perception of reality and the culture of the times in which they are presented.

  • 18th and 19th Century Literature

    In this module, students immerse themselves in 18th and 19th century literature by reading a novel and a section of poetry of this time period. Students complete research to build background knowledge on the time period. Students further develop their literary analysis skills and demonstrate high-level critical thinking skills by making connections between the role of literature and the creation of personal identity.

  • 20th Century Literature

    In this module, students examine modern trends in literature and film, focusing on overall truth and identity. Students will study the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and examine other modern works of literature in a variety of genres (poetry, short stories). Students draw parallels between the views of professional critics of literature and their own views. Students consider the themes of truth, reconciliation and identity as they apply to modern literature, based on the study of the works of an Indigenous author of their choice.

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