This course emphasizes the development of literacy, communication, and creative and critical thinking skills that are necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyse and respond critically to literary texts from contemporary and historical periods and from a variety of countries and cultures, as well as to a range of informational and media texts; create texts in a variety of forms for practical and academic purposes; and consolidate their knowledge of effective oral communication. Important focuses are using language with precision and clarity, establishing an appropriate voice for specific purposes and audiences, and incorporating stylistic devices appropriately and effectively.


Going for the Gusto

This introductory unit serves as a review of language conventions, reading strategies, and journal writing.

Meaning in Fiction

This unit focuses on the short story and short plays. Students will analyse themes, characters, and other literary elements while determining context and meaning. Students will complete an open-book questionnaire and write a persuasive essay.

Diving Into the Novel

This unit allows for the in-depth study of the novel Undercurrent, by Anne Metikosh. Students will explore the mystery genre as they analyse the elements of setting, character, plot, theme, and narrative point of view in this contemporary novel. Students will then create their own mystery short story. They will also conduct research on environmental issues and produce a Prezi and an oral presentation via a videoconference tool.

Making Connections and Inter- connections

This unit focuses on the connection between various forms of technology and students' own perceptions, values, and behaviour. They will become familiar with different techniques used in the media to influence, entertain, and inform their target audience. They will defend their views on the impact of technology and the media. Students will apply their oral-visual communication skills and writing skills to produce a media campaign.