This course emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and processes involved in the craft of writing. Students will analyse models of effective writing, produce a variety of creative and informational texts, assess and apply stylistic techniques, and make considered decisions for improving the quality of their writing. Extensive independent and collaborative writing activities will help students perfect their writing skills and develop their own voice. Students will also investigate publishing opportunities.


Writing with a Purpose

In this unit entitled Writing with a Purpose, you will reflect on writing as a communication process and explore the role of the writer in society. You will apply critical thinking and communication skills to analyse and assess various forms of news in both print and electronic media. You will analyse editorials, opinion pieces, reviews, and feature articles, and write opinion pieces as you develop your own ability to write persuasively.

My story

In this unit entitled My Story, you will read and analyse a selection of narrative essays and short stories written from the first-person point of view. You will review the elements of fiction, write a first person narrative essay, and create the outline for a short story. You will analyse myths, legends, and folk tales, and trace links to modern media. You will compare and criticize two short stories by contemporary Canadian authors and will follow the steps of a writing process to write an original short story.

For Better or Verse

In this unit entitled For Better or Verse, you will analyse a variety of poetic forms and genres, and compose narrative rhyming poetry and lyric poetry. As you explore imitation, parody, blank verse, and free verse poems, you will analyse published works and draft original poems of your own. Your Independent Study on the craft of writing will consist in the creation of a poetry anthology that will include poems that you have written and of poems that you have selected, analysed, and critiqued.

Pre-SCRIPT-ion to Performance

In this unit entitled Pre-SCRIPT-ion to Performance, you will explore the main elements of drama and practise the art of script writing. You will analyse the play The Importance of Being Earnestby Oscar Wilde as a model for your own script writing, along with its film version (time permitting). You will compose a dramatic monologue for a fictional character and record a dramatic reading of a script. You will apply your knowledge of dramatic elements, stylistic devices, and script writing conventions to compose a one-act play.