This course emphasizes business and technological communications for specific purposes and audiences. Students will analyse, interpret, and assess a range of specialized business and technological communications and reference material, and write effective print, oral, and multimedia business correspondence and reports, as well as practical forms of communication such as surveys and applications. An important focus will be on the effective use of technology to conduct research and to produce and enhance texts and presentations.


Getting Acquainted With the Business

In this first unit, you will familiarize yourself with the diverse types and methods of communications used in the business world. To provide an interesting context, you will pretend to purchase and manage your very own business which you will develop over the duration of the course. You will also learn the post-secondary education programs pertaining to business communications.

Sending a Clear Message

This unit focuses on correspondence, documents, and technology used in the world of business. You will examine and write different types of letters, contracts, minutes of meetings, and electronic correspondence. You will study netiquette as well as how to incorporate inclusive, positive language in your writing.

Solving Problems

This unit focuses on both written and oral communication in the business world. Oral activities include delivery of a speech, participation in a virtual interview, and the use of a video conference. Students will examine various types of reports and business proposals and write a memorandum.

Advertising and Promoting the Business

In this unit, you will study the importance of the business image as projected in the choice of correspondence and advertising tools. You will to the study a variety of business-related products such as business cards and promotional print, televised, and Internet advertising.